Hello Everybody,

This weekend, most of our BV squads took the field in a local tournament at the “No Off Season” facility in Tarentum, PA.  With a program on a mission, we had to fight all our opponents over this weekend, but we also had to battle the bitter cold and sometimes snowy weather!!  This weekend was the coldest in the middle of May since the 1950’s!!!  In the end, the weather couldn’t slow down our BV squads, and neither could our opponents!!  We cleaned up the hardware by sweeping every age offered by this event.  Below are all our squads and how the fared over this weekend:

BV 8s RED:  Swept a double header against the Erie Outlaws 9U.  Our squad showed up on a cold Sunday in Wampum and took it to the Outlaws.  They won the first game by a 10 – 1 margin, and the second game by a score of 14 – 0.  This team is going to continue to get better, and it was important they played as they have had quite a few cancellations because of weather.  They will look to keep it going next weekend in more league double header action!


BV 9s RED:  Won the Championship of the “ASL” Tournament at No Off Season fields in Tarentum, PA.  This team is really playing well — on this weekend they outscored their opponents by a margin of 71 – 1!!  They are deep in pitching, hitting and talent!!  I am really looking forward to seeing this team compete in the Super NIT in MIchigan over the Memorial Day Weekend!!  However, lets not put the cart before the horse, they have to take care of some double header baseball next weekend before they get ahead of themselves.  They have been impressive to start the season, and with this Championship they lift their record to a perfect 18 – 0!!


BV 10s BLACK:  Finished the “ASL” Tournament at No Off Season fields in Tarentum, PA with a 1 – 3 record.  This was a tough weekend for this team.  After coming off a solid showing at the Mother’s Day tournament, this team did not play as well as the prior weekend.  After a tough 0 – 2 start, our team got it going in the playoffs, winning their first game then running into the BV 10s RED in the quarterfinals.  If this team can get more consistent play, they will start to grab more wins and build some momentum.  They have the next weekend off, so we are hoping a few practices with this team can clean some things up!!


BV 10s RED:  Won the Championship of the “ASL Tournament” at No Off Season fields in Tarentum, PA.  This team was awfully impressive all weekend outscoring their opponents by a 54 – 4 margin!!  This group is battle tested and playing the game at a high level.  They look to keep it going; as they enter a tough 3 week stretch of some serious baseball.  They have a tournament in Columbus, OH – then Sterling Heights, MI – then Cincy, OH.  This past weekend gave them some much needed game play to help them prepare for that stretch.  Even with a number of cancellations, this team has been able to lift their record to 18 – 1 with their only loss coming at the hands of an 11U team!!


BV 11s RED:  Won the Championship of the “ASL” Tournament at No Off Season fields in Tarentum, PA.  This team finished this event with a 4 – 1 record, and this raises their record to an impressive 19 – 1 overall.  They played a sloppy pool game on Saturday, and took their first loss of the season, but in the end, our guys had just too much for this field of teams, and they won the championship by a score of 13 – 2.  They are looking at a very intense 3 week stretch of great travel events, and I hope they got their sloppy game out of the way!!  I’m confident we will see clean hard nosed baseball over this big stretch!!!


BV 12s RED:  Won the Championship of the “ASL” Tournanment at No Off Season fields in Tarentum, PA.  This team is starting to get on a roll, as they have won back to back events, and 12 straight games!!  Their pitching and defense have really been outstanding all season, and when this team is swinging the bats well, they are very difficult to beat.  With this Championship, this team has a record of 27 – 3 overall!!  Like a lot of our teams, they are faced with a tough 3 weekends of great travel events, and I feel this team is ready to continue to compete and win championships!!


BV 13s RED:  Won the Championship of the “ASL” Tournament at No Off Season fields in Tarentum, PA.  This squad jumped back into tournament action for the first times since they won the Super NIT in Canton, MI.  It didn’t take them long to shake a weekend off of rust off; as they dominated all their opponents for the whole tournament.  They finished this event with a perfect 4 – 0 record, and they outscored their opponents by a 41 – 1 margin.  Their overall record is now 19 – 0 – 1 and they are faced with a trifecta of tournaments over the next 3 weekends!!  I know one thing, I wouldn’t bet against them and their #13 national ranking in the nation!!


**OK that was a tough weekend of baseball and weather!!  It felt like an early April game instead of a mid May tournament!!  I was proud of our guys for gutting it out, and finding ways to take care of business!!

**On this weekend, our BV program finished with a very impressive 27 wins and 4 losses!!

That is all for now,