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2023 - 2024 Player Development

Baseball Season is finally here. Here is the winter program for the 15U - 17U program


Beaver Valley Baseball uses many indoor and outdoor facilities

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Our Mission

Beaver Valley Baseball Club, founded in 1996, has been one of the most respected baseball programs in the country for the past 25 years. In our years of existence, we have competed on the highest level of travel baseball. We mix the top local travel experiences with the most competitive travel tournaments in the northeast and mid Atlantic regions. In our illustrious existence, we have won the coveted Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament a national record 12 times, and have several other National Championships under our belt, including the Nations top event, the USSSA Elite World Series in Disney. In 2019, our organization finished in the winner’s circle in over 100 different events, by far the most of any other local program!! Our history proves that we are the premier baseball program in the Pittsburgh area, and one of the top baseball programs in the country.

The program has an extensive winter training program that focuses on all aspects of baseball. From individual skill level to team skills, our BV BASEBALL players get the whole gauntlet of travel baseball. We prepare our players for the upcoming season, and beyond. All of our practices are fast paced, and set up for our players to handle the baseball in a large series of reps!! We watch our arms closely and stress the importance of building arms up — our players do not even step on the mound until Mid February, a month after we start our winter training.

When our winter program is complete, we turn our attention to the spring/summer tournament and game season. We are not a program that “trophy chases”, we are a program that seeks out the best competition we can find. Before you judge how good a team or player is, you better judge the competition they are playing. Our players are consistently being challenged on the highest level of the game, they log many games against the best teams in PA and surrounding states. This brings out the best in our athletes and allows them to grow as a player. We fear no competition!!

A BV BASEBALL player is expected to be tough, competitive, a hard worker, a great student, a great kid, aggressive, fearless, respectful, coachable, professional, always ready for a challenge, and courageous. The BV BASEBALL CLUB is in the business of teaching young men the great game of baseball, and making them respectful people at the same time. We expect to win games, but when we lose, we do not make excuses or point fingers, we tip our cap to our opponent and get ready for the next challenge. In short, a BV BASEBALL player is a Champion in a lot of ways!!! If you think your son has what it takes to be a BV BASEBALL player, please send me an email through our “REQUEST A TRYOUT” link on our homepage.

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Brian Smith

Beaver Valley Coaches

Patrick Cutshall

17U Red Coach

Dan Farrow

10U & 11U Red Coach

Mike Lucarelli

8U & 9U Red Coach

Chris Coennen

9U White & 12U Black Coach

Todd Weischedel

10U White & 13U Black Coach

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