BV is proud to announce Matt Emge as our new catching/hitting instructor! Matt, played BV for many years and was a USSSA All American catcher. He graduated from Blackhawk High School, and attended Ohio State University on a baseball scholarship. Matt decided to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh where he finished his degree and baseball career. Matt is a fantastic person who is strong in faith, and was a very hard working player. He has been training some of our catchers on his own time, using video analysis and advanced catching knowledge. We are happy to have Matt back in our BV program as an instructor.
Below is a short bio I asked Matt to write. You will find his contact information in this bio as well. If you are interested in catching or hitting lessons and you would like to use Matt as an instructor, you can contact him directly to set that up. In our winter training we will be incorporating Matt with our catchers to get the most development for our players as possible. Here is Matt’s Bio:
My name is Matt Emge and I was a catcher at both The Ohio State University and the University of Pittsburgh who has stayed in the game by helping young men grow as people and as athletes. Although I started playing baseball as soon as I could walk, my baseball “career” did not officially begin until I started playing for Beaver Valley at 10 years old. It was at Beaver Valley that I started playing alongside some of the best talent in the area, and most importantly, I learned how essential it was to become a student of the game and the life long benefit of hard work.
As long as I have been able to, I have been instilling those same core value into young athletes. I was a full-time catcher for 15 years who has taken 10’s of thousands of swings surrounded by great coaches, and I am hoping to be that coach to someone else.
If interested in catching and/or hitting lessons with video instruction, reach out to me. My cell phone is 724-709-5388 and email is [email protected]
I will be around at some practices and look forward to helping anyone get better who wants to.


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