Hello Everybody,
I wanted to send you all an email about an important move for the BV BASEBALL CLUB starting in the fall of this season.  We are merging with the Sports Zone Express.  I have been working with the Sports Zone staff on this merger for the past few months.  I feel that the BV BASEBALL CLUB fields some of the best baseball teams in the country.  The Sports Zone Express is a local program with some wonderful trainers and coaches.  They compete in local tournaments, and have pretty good success doing so.  What does it all mean?  Let me break this down into a baseball season, and as you read you will find the only real change is that we have a larger staff of qualified instructors and coaches:
**We will still use Pittsburgh facilities as we have done – as well as HHH.  Nothing here is changing — I am working with Greentree now to set up our slots there; as well as looking at some other options — I like the idea of keeping kids close to home (especially during the week) with school in the winter.  This idea has worked very well for me for the past 21 years, and we will continue to do it that way.
**One area that is really changing here is the number of guys and instructors we can have at our winter practices.  We will continue to work hard to develop players at the highest level and along with myself and the current BV staff, we will have the Sports Zone staff as well!!  We will have all of our stations with qualified men in each station.  Click on this link to see the Sports Zone instructors:  http://www.beavercountysportszone.com/staff
**We will continue to play the toughest and the most elite schedule possible for our BV teams that can play at that level.  The Super NITs, Perfect Game and USA events are all on our radar for any teams capable of competing at that level.  The BV RED teams and some of our BV BLACK teams play that type of schedule now, and they will continue to play that type of schedule moving forward.
**The excitement here is the ability to have such quality in our high school ages.  We look forward to helping our athletes reach their goals of playing college baseball.  We have a current Orioles scout as a member of our team (Rich Pasquale), and we have a few current MLB guys as well to help in the winter training.  The staff has a number of ex division I guys that played in the minors/majors to help guide our older athletes on the right path.  Guys that understand the recruiting process and will help our players be seen by the right people.  Patrick Cutshall will be in charge of these high school age teams.  He has done an excellent job in recent years, and being able to put this all together makes a lot of sense.  Pat has done an outstanding job of communicating with colleges, and with him in charge we will see to it that our player’s get in front of the right people.
**I will be in charge of a lot of things kind of like I do now.  The day to day operation of this program will fall on Myself and Patrick.  I will be handling the scheduling and all parts of the pre-high school ages.  Patrick will be handling the day to day operations within our high school ages.  We will work as one unit – with the coaches and instructors helping ALL ages.  Having this type of staff makes my life (now 42 years old) a lot easier.  I am a very intense about the game, it has become quite a passion for me – those that I coach can see that, but to have a staff around me that can help coach these teams, and be part of our practice instruction will be so valuable for all our players.
**With all the new instructors and coaches that are involved — the 2017 baseball season will not cost one more penny.  The 2016 budgets will be duplicated in each age group.
**This program has always been one of excellence.  Our teams are nationally recognized and respected.  I have been so lucky through the last 21 years to field some of the best teams in the country.  I have had the ability to train and work with some of the best athletes to EVER come out of Western PA.  This merger, for me, extends the dream that I have been living for the past 21 years.  To field the best teams, to give great instruction and prepare players for the highest level possible, and seek out and play the best competition for each team!!  I love the staff that I currently have, and I am now proud to be part of a larger staff of guys that are “baseball guys” and share that passion that I have.
In closing, this is a great time to be a part of this program!!  We are building things to be bigger and better than they have ever been!!  I greatly look forward to this merger, and how BV EXPRESS can take the world by storm!!
If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email or give me a call!!
As Always,
Thanks for all you do,