2021 Fall Tournament Schedules

BV 9s FALL (Chris)

BV 9s FALL (Lucarelli)







Hello Everybody,
This email will guide through what our fall program will look like, please review the information in this email, and if you have a question please feel free to hit reply and ask me. Please remember that in fall ball is when your son moves up to the next age group, for example if your son is a 10U summer player, he would be an 11U for the fall.  if you are interested in having your son participate please let me know as soon as possible. We are looking to have 1 or maybe 2 teams in each age group depending on interest. This is for any kid playing on the RED/BLACK/WHITE/GREY teams!! ALL OF THESE TEAMS WILL BE COACHED BY A BV STAFF MEMBER!! The information is as follows:
Roster Size: We are only interested in having 11 kids on each team – no more than that, we will bat all 11 kids and have free substitution defensively so that all kids get to play a lot of ball!!
Length of Schedule: We would look to start the weekend of August 21-22. This would be a practice – we would conclude the fall program the weekend of October 9 – 10 (weather permitting, we will use the October 16 – 17 weekend as a rain makeup)
Cost of Fall Ball:  $650 per player ($325 due August 15th, $325 due September 15th)
Coaches:  The coaches would be a BV staff member
Practices: We would have one practice offered the August 21 – 22 weekend – then we would have one workout during the week for the first few weeks of fall ball – then it simply gets dark too early to have a workout past that point. 
Tournaments:  4/5 Tournaments – limited travel – If a group wants to travel to one event we will look to do that – most of these events would all be close to home
DHs:  When we are not in a tournament, we will look to have a double header on one of the weekend days (either a Saturday or a Sunday – Not Both)
# of Games:  I would like to see each team get around 20 games out of our fall ball program
**Again please review the information and let me know if you are interested in playing or if you have any questions 
**If you are interested in having your son participate – please shoot me a reply as soon as possible


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