Thursday night the BV 12s RED won the program’s 12th Cooperstown Championship by beating the Michigan Gorillas by a score of 8-0!! The whole week was a total show by our guys – on and off the field. In baseball village, I watched my players bond more than we already have this season – a brotherhood that will always be a special part of this team – They were a singing and dancing group – they also traded pins, and formed friendships with other players from all over the country – our most special group of friends was from one of the Hawaii teams, who gave each player a special beaded necklace, mine is hanging on our trophy and will be a great memory for me when I look at it!! On the field we DOMINATED teams. On our way to this Championship we broke the Cooperstown Dreams Park All Time Team Home Run Record for a week by hitting an amazing 89 Home Runs (the old record was 82) – For the playoffs we went 5-0 scoring an impressive 78 runs and allowing only 8 runs. We have many individual performances to talk about, but I will save those for the banquet so you can put a story to a face!! It was the first time my wife and daughter came to Cooperstown and they left with many memories that we talked about on the way home. This park has been a significant part of our program, and quite frankly, my life as a travel baseball director. They treat our program up there as royalty, it is a historical place, and BV is a big part of the history. This team added to that history. We played the game as a unit and competed hard every step of the way. As a coach of these young men I couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishment. We took Cooperstown by storm, made it our home for a week, took memories that these players will have for themselves for the rest of their lives!! We left Cooperstown as Champions and more importantly a band of brothers!!




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