I wanted to send you all an email about a special accomplishment about one of our teams, BV 13s RED!! Today they won the Triple Crown Sports Summer National Championship in Myrtle Beach, SC!! They won this 44 team National Championship finishing with a week record 7-0. In the 7 games we played six different teams, run ruling all six teams!!

Equally as impressive is what this team did on a whole this season, this game today marks their 51st straight win!! They finish the season with a 57 – 3 mark!! Along the way they won a World Series qualifier for Perfect Game, they won a USSSA Super NIT bid to Disney, and of course the National Championship in Myrtle!!

This team sticks together no matter the circumstance, when the game reaches its most trying times they do not point a finger at anyone, they have discovered the TRUE meaning of TEAM!! I have coached this group for the past two seasons – in that two year run we finish with 122 wins and 8 losses!! We have won and lost together in a way that makes a coach proud.

Sometimes, in our program when a team accomplishes something great, it is important to stop and enjoy your accomplishment. This team has been on an amazing run – A National Championship Run – I am so proud of this group and the way the play the game!! Congratulations to BV 13s RED!!




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